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About Us


In 2013, Equality Works (EQW) was founded with the mission to provide resources for gendered discrimination in the workplace by April Harlo and four of her fellow alumni from University of San Francisco’s (USF) International & Multicultural Education (IME) Masters programs. Focusing on addressing gendered workplace discrimination through a human rights and intersectional feminist lens, the organization was rejuvenated in the fall of 2016 when the board of directors sought to expand EQW’s scope of work and programs.

During the summer of 2016, EQW’s treasurer (now board member) Asma Eschen, hired 2015 IME alumna Jazzmin Gota to edit her memoir, My Story, Your Story. While working on the manuscript Jazzmin noticed Asma’s experience in nonprofit work and asked her for advice for starting an “informal human rights education organization for human rights awareness and literacy.” After explaining the purpose of a proposed new organization, Asma exclaimed, “wait, a few of us started an organization for human rights education in 2013, perhaps we can all work on it instead of starting a new one!” That October Jazzmin was brought on as EQW’s executive director and began contacting her fellow IME and Human Rights Education alumni and community members to join the organization. April and Asma stayed on as board members, while Breana remained in her position as secretary.

In 2017, Equality Works has begun developing programs at the intersection of worker’s rights, the right to workplace equality, and freedom from discrimination in workplace. The first two projects— Worker’s Rights Pocketbook and an interactive website resource for education around workplace discrimination—are currently in research and production.


Equality Works develops and publishes educational tools and materials for building a culture of respect and dignity within the workplace. We focus on providing resources for addressing systemic discrimination at its roots in culture, society, and history through educational interventions in the form of workshops, creative arts and multimedia projects, written and visual guides, and a library of resources through a human rights lens. 

EQW Board of Directors

Jazzmin Chizu Gota, , M.A.
Jazzmin Chizu Gota, , M.A.Executive Director
Mary Jane Kober, M.A.
Mary Jane Kober, M.A.Treasurer
Miguel A. Avila, Jr., M.A.
Miguel A. Avila, Jr., M.A.Vice President
Breana Hansen, EdD Candidate
Breana Hansen, EdD Candidate Secretary
April Harlo, M.A. Founder & Board Member
Asma Nazihi Eschen, M.A. Founding Board Member
Fredrick D. Kakinami Cloyd, M.A.Board Member
Pei Wu, EdD Candidate Board Member


Yon Walls, PhD Counselor