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The Right to Work/Freedom from Discrimination

Intersectionality & Research 101 Workshops

What is intersectionality? How does it apply to your place of work, workplace culture, school, or research project? We’re developing workshops to address these questions and build inclusive communities.

Pocketbook of Worker’s Rights

A pocket-sized resource guide for worker’s rights resources, training and education programs, day labor centers, and important numbers to know for work in California.

This first edition can be downloaded here as a PDF

Workplace Discrimination: Resources, Narratives, & Community Education

What does gendered workplace discrimination mean to worker’s as it happens? EQW’s founder was motivated by her own workplace experiences to create a resource for those struggling with workplace issues to gain access to some of what she found through her graduate research. Conceptualized as an interactive web-based project, this educational resource center is currently in research and development. As pieces of this project are finalized, they will be released at